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Does anyone still come here?

Started by Leiyah, September 24, 2009, 03:04:26 AM

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Just thinking about everyone.  Anybody still log in here??  I'd love to hear from old KOFers.  Email me:  leiyah@sbcglobal.net

Hope everyone is well.  Missing you guys!

~ Jen/ Leiyah


Once in a while I get a hankering for EQ and check the boards that I always trolled.



i log in every few days to delete the spam registrations and make sure the site is still available.




And the clumsy redhead 'chanter is back!!!  :rolleyes:
Thank you Chingerz for giving me access yet again..... awesomeness in a pally wardrobe!  :biggrin:

3 kids later!~

If you are not already wasting your life away on facebook apps (hence not in my friends or neighbors or employees or WTFever each one calls it), talk to me at Aelderie@gmail.com
or find me on facebook: stacy@azland.net



yep still drop by now and again....

Karlah and I have found P1999.... old school eq free servers Sony nowhere to be seen and they are starting to pump.  Its WAYYYYYY fun to start again.  Karlah is a Warrior named Nylia and Im a cleric named Aythy.  Our guild is raiding all teh clasic stuff PoF PoH Kedge etc.  Kunark hasnt been released yet due in October i heard.

Feel free to look us up and get back into it ;)

google P1999 you should find it ;)



We are actually playing EQ2 again.  Most of the time that is.

I am a support manager for Wal Mart at night in a small town in Texas.  Probably moving next year to Alabama or Tennessee.

Be good to chat with people if anyone is around. 

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Happy holiday  :biggrin: :biggrin:


Happy Holidays everyone.  I'm going to LA, SD and Vegas end of March early April if anyone is interested in meeting a halfling

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Was feeling nostalgic so thought I would drop bye. My wife (Llaria) and I had our first baby in Nov 2010 (but I still manage to play EQ two or three times a week under the guise of 'Mythrill' on Antonius Bayle, the European server). I don't have a facebook page myself, but I setup one for my baby son so that I could distribute his pics and videos, etc., by linking his page to my wife's  :wink:. At the time, he was the only Connor Michael Maloney on facebook, so should be easy enough to find if you ever want to contact me that way (if you see a Suzanne or Michael Maloney listed anywhere then you are in the right place). Hugs all.

. . . and if any of you come over for the Olympics this summer then Nottingham is only two hours drive from London, less by train  :biggrin:
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Me! Me!  :biggrin:
Miss you guys.. have never found as much enjoyment in a game since KoF days. Thanks for all the great memories.  :smilie:


Miss you guys even after all this time.
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Not into alpha yet but this is where I'll be spending the next 20 years. New game with old school tenets - I will be a wizard and with my pledge Im pretty sure Ill be able to reserve Xtens :).  My kids play now too and Karlah let me pledge for pre alpha.... yea shes still a gem :) check it out and follow the dream.


See you all there hopefully

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